I am an ASHA Certified and NJ & NYS Certified Speech and Language Pathologist available for Individual Therapy & Coaching. As a clinician I specialize in.

Social Cognitive Differences or Disorders in Adults and Children

Social Cognition and Competencies play important roles in our personal, academic, and professional lives. In adults this may manifest in difficulty relating to or maintaining positive co-worker relationships, difficulty holding onto employment, or difficulty advancing professionally.

Coaching in Executive Functions and Organization

Executive Functions include Emotional Control, Initiation, Planning/Organizing, Task Monitoring, Working Memory, and Shifting between activities/information. Deficits in these areas can impact Academic as well as Professional performance. I utilize strategies that can be implemented to help you grow into a more independent, organized, and confident learner/professional.



Receptive and Expressive Language Delays and Disorders


Articulation Disorders or Delays

*I am an out of network provider, however I am able to provide a monthly super bill that may be submitted to your insurance provider for potential reimbursement.

***I utilize Social Thinking© with clients spanning from pre-school aged children to adults in individual and group settings.  Social Thinking is a teaching framework for individuals aged preschool through adult, created by Michelle Garcia Winner, CCC-SLP  It consists of a Social Thinking Vocabulary that establishes a common language to discuss social functioning, curriculum lessons, and strategies that break down social concepts into concrete, teachable formats.  Social Thinking “explodes the social code” to help children and adults learn to be better social thinkers and communicators. 

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