My Levels of Like: Breaking Rigid Thinking & Encouraging Problem Solving

Let’s be honest, all of us have used “I hate…” before.  We have all become so stuck in a specific mindset about an activity, person, problem, that we cannot see it any other way.  It’s black or white and it’s never going to change.  The issue with this is it stifles our ability to make positive change, […]


(Activity Inspired by Social Thinking Methodology) Welcome! Thanks for tuning in!  I have used a podcast project with individuals that focuses on social language competencies that can be a struggle to understand and implement in day to day rapid conversational exchanges.  In working with individuals, I try to notice their different strengths, like visual memory. In addition, […]

What are your Thinking Habits? 5 Ways to Grow Resilience and Growth Mindset

I recently completed a continuing education course targeting supporting children and their parents through mindfulness techniques in speech therapy, and at home.  I am going to be honest.  THIS WORK WILL BENEFIT ANY PERSON! Dr. Carol Diveck, a leading researcher in the fields of personality and social psychology “suggests that children can develop a “growth mindset” through […]

Visual Schedules Can Benefit the Whole Family and the Whole Child

Visual Schedules Can Benefit the Whole Family and the Whole Child  When working with children I am a HUGE fan of a group plan and using visual aids and schedules to help them anticipate what the sessions will look like, as well as my expectations and what they can expect!  These tools can be SO […]

Eggcellent Social, Emotional, & Language Practice

We are all a carton full of emotions…but none of them need to break us. Here are 5 ways to use emoji eggs(link on Amazon) this Spring to build emotional vocabulary, practice self-regulation skills, increase receptive and expressive language concepts, encourage “thinking of others” mindsets, read nonverbal social cues, and more!  2-5 years old is a […]